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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Taylor and Cheyanne decided they wanted to be pirates this year. I was able to find matching shirts and pajama bottoms at Target and we bought some material for the headbands and sashes at Walmart. The girls cut out their own headbands and sashes and then strung beads to wear in their hair and on the headbands. Cheyanne even made a headband and beads for Monkey. Halloween morning Taylor was up at 4:30 and Cheyanne was up at 5:30 so they could do their hair and makeup before school. As always Darin had the most fun trick or treating. He loves to have any chance to socialize with the neighbors and meet new people. I don't know what Darin will do when the girls don't want to go with him anymore. I think that the girls costumes this year turned out the best yet and the best part is they can also wear them as jammies. Dang, they are cute.

Utah Museum of Natural History

Utah Museum of Natural History

We had the chance to go to the Museum of Natural History at the the University of Utah last month. Once a year they open up the basement so you can see everything that is either to delicate to put on display or they just don't have the room to display it. The moccasin in the picture is over a thousand years old. It was found in a cave by the Great Salt Lake. The girls also had the chance to find out what was in Owl pellets. Taylor found a rat skeleton, skull and all. Cheyanne found a vole or mouse skeleton also with a skull. It was an incredible experience. We were able to ask lot's of questions and take our time looking at everything. Cheyanne was in heaven between all the rocks and fossils. It was one family field trip we will be talking about for years to come.