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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nightmare on 13th Haunted House

Friday night I went to my friend Brenda's 16th birthday party and we went to Nightmare on 13th. In total there was 9 of us who went, 3 of them were guys. When everyone was at Brenda's house we had ice cream and we went and jumped on her tramp for about 10 minutes and then it started raining. When we went in the haunted house they had a place where you waited, it was called Nightmare Theater. In the main part of the haunted house there was about 35 rooms. Most of them were scary, some you just got annoyed with, they had some mazes and it took our train of 9 people quite a while to get out of. The guys screamed harder, louder, and more often than all 6 of the girls did. It was pretty hilarious. We were only in the haunted house for about and hour and it seemed like 5. The sleepover after was fun we had lots of candy and watched She's the Man. - TAYLOR

Diabetes Family Camp

Last weekend, I went to Family Camp where the little kids who have diabetes go with their families and stay a weekend. The kids can have fun while seeing other kids who have diabetes, and the parents go to education classes to learn more on how they can help their kids. I was on program staff which means that I got to help with the activities. The kids were separated into age groups. The 7 and up kids went and did archery, 3-7 did the activities, and the 0-3 kids had daycare which I was what I did. Daycare was really fun I got to play with the kids. The theme was pirates, so the kids got to make treasure maps, decorate shirts and hats, and also pencil boxes. We went on a night hike with flashlights, and we had a carnival, I did bubble blowing, and we watched Princess Bride, and Muppet's Treasure Island. We also had a relay race and you had to put a lot of different things in a pillowcase, mostly diabetes supplies, and one of the program assistants, David, dressed up as a pirate and called things out and the kids had to run what he called out up to him. It was a blast! - TAYLOR

I have been learning about fossils at school so I was really excited when I found this fossil behind my house. I was rock hunting with my dad and found a cool rock and looked over and saw the FOSSIL!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

The moth adventure

This summer I have been fascinated by catching moths and butterflies. My dad caught me a really cool moth when he was helping his friend Aaron move. It's wings were spotted like a giraffe they were yellow with black spots. The body was like a bee with yellow and black stripes, and the head was red. Unfortunately it died, which made me really sad. - CHEYANNE

Red Robin before the Spa

Taylor was having none of our shenanigans.