Saving memories one photograph at a time

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July Workshops

splen·dor: \ˈsplen-dər\

1 a : great brightness or luster : brilliancy : magnificence, pomp
2 : something splendid (the splendors of the past)
I can't think of a better way to highlight summer memories than with the Splendor Kit. This kit makes me think of bright warm summer days, Popsicles, water fountains, and the scent of freshly cut grass.  

The pattern and colors were perfect for my pictures of Cheyanne learning how to mow the lawn with the tractor this spring. As you can see Darin was never far away. Before we know it she will be kickin' her dad to the curb and doing it all on her own; everyone just stay off the grass and you will be just fine. Taylor and I had a splendid hour full of giggles as we watched Cheyanne trying to reach the pedal and Darin trying not to fall off the back of the tractor.

The kit was also perfect for pictures of Taylor's 3rd grade field trip to downtown Grand Junction, CO. to see all of the incredible outdoor art. This paper certainly helped to bring back the SPLENDOR of Grand Junction. Although we lived there for only two short years the experience was simply magnificent. Grand Junction has the best display of outdoor art on their Main Street I have ever seen. This is certainly one of my family's favorite spots.
Join me this month so we can celebrate your SPLENDORS of the past!

Products used: 
Splendor Basic Workshop Kit (G1009) includes:
        Splendor Level 2 Paper Packet (X7124B)
        My Acrylix® Summer Wishes (only available with this kit)
        Irresistibles™ Pizzazz Chipboard Die-Cuts (X1307)
        Workshop Guide 
I also added the Splendor My Stickease (X7124C) and White Daisy Ricrac (Z1052)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Missing in Action

This last month has been difficult. I feel like our safety net has failed and our family is at war. A war of the mind, body, and pocketbook. The first skirmish was at the beginning of the month when my scrapbook room flooded. No kidding, IT REALLY did flood (see my May 13th post). Darin accidentally left the hose on and I ended up with 14 inches of water in the window well which came through the window and flooded over half of my scrapbook room. My room was totally out of commission for over 3 weeks. Putting the rest of my room back together was put on hold when an even larger battled ensued. On June 11th, Darin was handed his paycheck and told there was no job to come back to on Monday because the business was closing. No notice, no severance. When you have three people with a chronic illness a paycheck is essential. No paycheck could spell disaster for our family very quickly.

Between helping Darin find a job and being very ill the last month, I have not had the heart to write until today. It seems that almost every day something has broken, been lost, gotten worse, or disappeared, except the support of our family and friends. Without the love of our Heavenly Father and our family and friends we would have certainly suffered some casualties, but because our army has been strong and our backup limitless we have been weathering the battles well. Even through the many battles I am so thankful for all that I have. I have been given so much. I know my Heavenly Father is carrying us over the battlefield, shielding us from the bullets, tending to our wounds, and healing our spirits.

We may have lost a few battles within the last month but we will certainly not surrender and as long as Heavenly Father is our chief commander I know we will win this war.