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Friday, May 21, 2010

May Workshops

Here are the pages we will be making for workshops this month. The kit we are using is the beautiful Veranda Kit. The paper has such subtle soft colors it really lets your pictures stand out.

Products used: Veranda Level 2 Paper Packet (X7119B), Veranda Stickease (X7119C), Just Blooms Spring Paper Flowers (Z1266), and Filigree Charms (Z1269)

May Card Group

Here are the beautiful cards I received in Card Group this month. Thanks girls, you continually inspire me!
Lisa's card
Barbie's card
Amanda's card

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sock Monkey Saga

Every quarter I do a page swap with some of my great friends. I get new layouts, time with some really good friends, new ideas and lot's of STRESS. Self induced stress! Beside the fact that I am a perfectionist to the point of paralysis, I decided to up the stakes this quarter. I have been thinking about doing a page with a Sock Monkey and stupid me I actually mentioned this at the last swap and when everyone said "OOH, you should do that for next time" I stupidly agreed. Did I mention how stupid that was?

Now the pressure was on. At the time I thought there has to be a lot of paper piecing patterns, pages to look at on the web, monkey paper, etc., etc. Wrong! I think I found a total of 4 pages of monkey patterned paper (which I didn't like), no layouts, and no paper piecing patterns; sheesh, you would think Martha would have at least 6 paper piecing patterns. Martha, I am very disappointed you are after all the craft queen.

In the meantime I was at Roberts and found some great paper for 75% off and thought perfect, cute and affordable, can't go wrong. So now it is less than a week before the swap and I have not even started. I first started thinking of excuses of why I couldn't do the swap; such as I cut off my finger while chopping walnuts (I don't even like walnuts), I was called to jury duty, I shot my eye out with a BB gun, my scrapbook room was flooded, but alas none seemed good enough, I guess I was stuck making the stupid pages. While fighting back nausea and the trying to find the will to live I had the brilliant idea to look for Sock Monkey cards online. I didn't end up finding one Monkey that I loved, so my Monkey is a mix of a few different ones.
So now I have the Monkey somewhat figured out and I think the rest should be a breeze. Wrong again. I sit down with the paper I bought and went totally blank. How am I going to use a Sock Monkey on this wild paper? The colors are wrong the pattern is wild and my creative block is turning into a wall. So I ate 3 chocolate kisses watched some T.V. and closed the door on my craft room and walked away, so much for getting anything done. Now it is 4 days before the swap and I head back to my craft room and decide I am not coming out until I have accomplished something. My accomplishments were to eat 2 more kisses and pull a bunch of stuff out. Whew, that was tough; time to go to bed.

Three days before the swap the wall came down and it all started to come together. I think the fear of disappointing my friends outweighed my desire to vomit. My pages may not be the best but they are done and I think they might even be growing on me. The older I get the more I find I procrastinate. The closer the deadline the more my creative juices flow. What's with that? Fortunately, by the time my packets were done I was excited again for the swap and I loved getting all the beautiful pages from everyone else. I guess I will not quit quite yet, maybe.