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Friday, February 5, 2010

Dancin' Up A Storm

On January 29th and 30th Westlake High School Ballroom Dance Team held their 1ST annual Dancin' Up A Storm.
Two nights of fantastic dancing based on the hit show Dancing With the Stars, judges included. Dance Team members "Pros" were paired with "Stars" from the community. Mayors Heather Jackson from Eagle Mountain and Mia Love from Saratoga Springs danced. Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs also sent representatives from their Police and Fire Department. Westlake High School was represented by teachers, football coaches, and student body presidents. Most couples learned their two dances in about four weeks.

On Saturday Mayor Mia Love was crowned the winner with the best of cities award going to Eagle Mountain. Jason Randall - a police officer from Eagle Mountain- won second place and Mayor Heather Jackson won third place.

This was a fundraiser for the Ballroom Team to provide much needed costumes and a trip to Vegas to go to Nationals. I am lucky to live in a community that cares about and supports its children and I am so grateful to all of the generous time and money that was given on behalf of my daughter Taylor.
These two pictures are of Taylor performing the Waltz on Friday night.

This is Taylor dancing the Charleston on Saturday. If I could look that cute in flapper dress I might even try the Charleston.


Karen Pedersen said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing this. What a great idea and I am so impressed by the community support!

Ashley Mullen said...

HOw Fun!!! What a great idea!

Nicole Norris said...

Oh how awesome! The costumes look amazing I bet it was a great show!