Saving memories one photograph at a time

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

O' Baby

This is my adorable redheaded baby doll, Cheyanne. When she was little she had curly red hair and an infectious smile. Now she is 10, has lost her curls but still continues to make everyone around her smile.

The picture on the left is in my top 5 favorite pictures I have of her. I have held on to the pictures for years and have not scrapbooked them because I am such a perfectionist. I was waiting to have the perfect pattern, texture, stamps, journaling, etc. How absurd is that? Even as I pulled the pictures out to put these on my pages I was second guessing myself. I decided to just plow through and get them on pages because they could be seen more often in my scrapbook than just sitting in a box.  After finishing the pages I still wasn't sure if I did the pictures justice so I left them in my scrapbook room, shut the door, and walked away. When I went down the next day to look at them I decided, you guessed it, I LOVED THEM! These are now some of my favorite pages I have done. I guess after all my ramblings, what I want to say is just DO IT! Get those precious pictures out of the box and into your albums. Don't be like me and wait over 8 years to move your precious memories from a box to a place of honor in your scrapbook. 

Supplies used:
Bella Level 2 Paper Packet (X7114B), Bella My Stickease (X7114C), Connections Stamp (D1330), Foundry Tabs (Z1161), assorted buttons.