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Monday, February 15, 2010

My Best Valentines Ever!

This has been an incredible weekend. It started on Friday with Cheyanne's Valentine's Party at school. I just love the energy and excitement that only a 5th grader has. This year I did double duty as both the room mom and teacher. Thank goodness I had some fantastic parents come in and help so I could play the part of teacher. Being around the kids always gives me such a lift.

On Saturday I was able to spend the morning getting a scrapbook fix. I participate in a quarterly kit exchange that has been a great way to get a lot of scrapbooking done quickly. I always love the chance to get together with new and old friends.

Ok, so this is where my weekend gets even better. I know hard to imagine but it does. Saturday night my husband took me to dinner at our favorite local Chinese restaurant. As we were finishing up he pulled a box out of his jacket. Let me just pause for a moment here and tell you my husband does not do things like that, so you can imagine how surprised I was. I took off the ribbon, opened the box, pulled out the inner box, and found an absolutely gorgeous heart necklace inside. 
I can finally say HE WENT TO JARED! Don't you think he did a great job? Our cute waitress was watching all of this and came over to admire the necklace and give us her congratulations. She was so excited she kept slipping into Chinese. She asked us when we were getting married and when I told her we will be married for 20 years this year she couldn't believe it. She said I looked too young. Can you imagine beautiful jewelry and to be told you look really young in one night - too DIVINE! This gift meant more to me than you can imagine because money has been really tight at our house. Knowing my husband worked extra hours to buy this for me makes it priceless, something I will always treasure. THANK YOU DARIN, I LOVE YOU!

And the weekend didn't end there; when we got home he gave me some beautiful red roses. On Sunday my sweet Cheyanne gave me a card she made and I gave my family their gifts from me. Later that night we were able to have dinner with my first Valentine; MY MOM. I can't think of a better way to end the perfect weekend.


Lynette said...

OHHHH my gosh I love that necklace. That is just so sweet.

Ashley Mullen said...

How sweet! WAy to go Darin!!! It is beautiful!

Karen Pedersen said...

What a great Valentine's Day! Tell your hubby he rocks!

Tiffanie said...

Gorgeous!!! Love the necklace!! YES!!! I know Mekesha! She lives just around the corner from me and she is in my CTMH play group!!! :) So cool! My husband taught both her and her hubby :) Small world!

The Reimers Family said...

What a good guy, you deserve to be spoiled!!

Nicole Norris said...

The necklace is gorgeous! Your hubby did awesome! I am so glad you had a great weekend. You need that every once in a while.