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Friday, April 16, 2010

March #2

The first week of March was filled with a vacation to St. George and Las Vegas. Taylor had a competition in Vegas with the Westlake Ballroom Team so we decided to leave a couple of days earlier than the team to have some family time together. First stop, St. George, after eating lunch we headed to the Dinosaur Tracks Museum. We love DINOSAURS! Really, who doesn't like a good fossil? The Museum is located at Johnson Farms and is still an active dig site. This is a definite must see! We rated it 4 stars (one for each of us).

After the museum we went and found the house we would be staying in. All I can say is WOW! The neighborhood and house were magnificent. The subdivision is perched on a bluff overlooking St. George. When our friends generously offered their house to stay in we had no idea it would be soooo big and beautiful and the views so GRAND. We were really living the life! Do too being struck dumb we were unable to rate this.

The view from their deck.

This is the backyard of the house next door. It can be yours for a cool 2.4 million.

After discovering how the other half lives we headed to Snow Canyon. By the time we got there the shadows were already filling the canyon which made for some very beautiful pictures. I love how the movement of shadow and light create a new scene every few minutes. This fantastic adventure was rated 8 stars (one for each of our hands).

Wednesday thru Sunday was spent in Las Vegas. Before Taylor met up with the Ballroom Team we were able to do some shopping together and eat at Roxy's diner.

Taylor spent most of her time with the Westlake High School Ballroom team having a great time. She saw the sights, went swimming at the pool on the roof of the Stratosphere, and practiced for her competition at the Las Vegas Showdown.
Darin, Cheyanne, and I went to Coca Cola World, M&M World, Harley Davidson Cafe, and for Cheyanne's birthday the Shark Reef Aquarium.

We were able to meet up with Taylor and the team at the Hard Rock Cafe on Thursday night. Friday night we went with the team to watch the Vegas Showdown. This was the night pros competed from around the world. A night of wonderful dancing and great costumes.

Saturday we watched Taylor and the team compete and ended the day by watching the marvelous Blue Man Group perform (Blue Man Group was rated 50 stars, one for every team member, adult, and child attending). BMG and their band came out after the show and took pictures with everyone. What a patient bunch of guys, dealing with 40 high school kids, and not actually killing any of them. Sadly, I forgot my camera when we went to see BMG so I will post pictures when I get them from Taylor's friend.

Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay.
The view from our hotel the Stratosphere.
Pictures of the team taken by Hayden.
Taylor waiting to compete her second dance.

After all was said and done we had a fantastic time together. Unfortunately, Taylor didn't place but she came away with some great experiences. She was able to compete at a much larger event then she ever has and was able to create some great memories with her team. Darin and Cheyanne both got to celebrate their Birthdays out of town. I was able to have my husband to myself without being interrupted by his cell phone. Cheyanne was able to have some one on one time with just Darin and I. And we all came away with priceless memories and experiences we will treasure forever. I guess you could say we rated this as big as all the stars in the universe.

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Nicole Norris said...

What a fun trip. I love your rating system and you are an amazing photographer. What a talented family you have!